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Sex, love, and dating advice for the Last Frontier  Anchorage Press

“You don't lose your girl, you just lose your turn.” That phrase has been said about many small towns and states, and often it is said here. It may not be the best ...

Polyamory is a quietly revolutionary political tool in the US  Quartz

In the late 1960s, feminists made the groundbreaking argument that the personal is political. Contemporary polyamory is radical politics from that perspective.

Queer Sex Educators Fear New Facebook Policy Could Get Them Banned  Rolling Stone

In October 2018, Facebook quietly added a Sexual Solicitation section to their terms of *service*. While some of the policy is pretty standard — such as banning ...

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I Don’t Want My 10-Month-Old Near My Brother-in-Law’s Pit Bull  Slate

Care and Feeding is Slate's parenting advice column. Have a question for Care and Feeding? Email or post it in the Slate Parenting ...