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Setting Your Own High Standards

Did not take me long to appreciate that I could do very well working for London escorts if I stuck to my own high standards. Most girls who work for London escorts are happy to get any kind of date when they start to work for a London escorts service. I decided that I would approach things in a different way. Instead of aiming to work for charlotte London escorts agencies, I decided that I would only work for premium London escorts agencies.

Can you just join any premium London escorts agency? That is actually the problem. You can't just join London escorts and immediately start to work as a top class London escorts. You really need to get some experience under your belt first of all. The thing is that you can't just get a job for an elite London escorts agency just like that. But, I decided that I would set my own standards at the escort agency that I worked for in East London.

How do you set your own standards? Setting your own standards working for London escorts is not easy. However, I decided that I would do so in my own way. Instead of getting involved with short dates, I only took any dates that lasted for more than three hours. Longer dates are much more versatile. For instance, you probably going out for dinner and then back to the clients place. You can charge more for longer dates and you gain much more experience. In this way, you can move on much quicker and start to earn more.

Do all gents like to date elite London escorts? Not all gentlemen like to date elite London escorts, but the vast majority of gentlemen really do like to date more expensive London escorts. The perception is still there that you get a better service when you use an elite London escorts agency. I guess that is true in many ways, but that does not mean that cheap London escorts do not do a good job when it comes to dating. Most cheap London escorts I know work very hard and are good at their jobs.

During my first six months with London escorts, I kept detailed notes of everything that I did. My billing hours were really good. When I decided that I wanted to move on, I got in touch with an elite London escorts service and proved how much I had billed out during the last six months. The agency seemed really pleased, and before I knew it, I was working for an elite London escorts agency. Am I still escorting today? You bet that I am, and I am still setting my own high standards, and I am one of the most successful escorts at the top class escort agency that I work for in London.

Setting high standards is a way to make sure you accept what you want from life and never settling and being unhappy with the fact that you have not attained your goals.

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