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The Right Sale

Bob knew all about good bargains. It's just something that goes with the territory for the people who work in supershops. Still, he didn't know anything about choosing the right escort. After all, the world of escorts was a million miles away from the world that he knew. He could tell a customer everything that they needed to know about the store's selection of celebrity magazines and light bulbs, but he didn't really know anything about hiring an escort.

What he did know was that a London escort service would probably cost a lot of money. When he actually went to the trouble of looking up the prices he knew that this was just not an option for him. Working at a supershop was not going to afford him the luxury of a fancy escort.

However, he took his search to the street and did run into a sexy woman named Lola. She must have sensed that he was a man looking for a good time because she told him on the spot that she was there to provide it for him, and for a cheap rate that he could afford. He couldn’t believe his good luck!

As an independent street escort, she had still managed to achieve quite a following online. Bob was also able to get a sense of her rates from her profile without even asking, which is the sort of thing that can be awkward under the circumstances. He couldn't even believe how lucky he was in that moment. Running into a woman like her by accident seemed like winning the lottery.

He quickly took Lola to his house. She slipped out of the street clothes that had both accentuated and concealed her figure at the same time. Now, it was possible to see her in her full glory. The two of them quickly began to pleasure one another's bodies in a delectable rhythm of the sort that only comes from the balance of experience and desire.

Lola did not charge him extra after the sex itself was completed, which meant that the two of them could actually fall asleep in each other's arms as their energies were spent and they were free. Bob knew that he was going to become one of her regulars soon enough, recognizing that people just don't meet escorts like Lola all the time, and certainly not on the street.

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